Top 7 Nintendo Switch Games to Play with your Kids in 2023

Video gaming has become an essential aspect of modern entertainment and as the modern kid is getting more technologically savvy they are playing these consoles more. The Nintendo Switch, with its family-friendly titles, stands out as a must-have console for households. With such an extensive game library, which ones are ideal for a dad to share with his child? Here’s a list of the top seven Nintendo Switch games that will provide hours of bonding and fun for fathers and their kids that will leave lasting memories.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Why it’s perfect: The Mario Kart series has always been about fun-filled races, cheeky power-ups, and whimsical tracks. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ups the ante by bringing a selection of over 40 characters and a plethora of tracks.

Bonding Moment: Collaborate with your child to perfect those drifts and team up in races. The joy of crossing the finish line together is unbeatable!

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Why it’s perfect: If you’re household is a fan of the Star Wars universe like ours and what kid doesn’t like lego. Also seeing the ships and items that we have in our physical lego collection in the game left him amazed.

Bonding Moment: With the co-op play we are able to navigate the storyline together and work together as a team


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Why it’s perfect: A free one for the Nintendo Switch where you have these little characters that aim to race through obstacles against 100 other players. It is a single player game but everyone gets into it whether you’re the one playing or not.

Bonding Moment: Great laughs and edge of your seat excitement as you celebrate together if you make it to the next round.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Why it’s perfect: This laid-back life simulation game lets players design their dream island. From fishing, bug catching, to fossil hunting, there’s a myriad of activities to enjoy.

Bonding Moment: Visit each other’s islands, trade items, and work together to make your shared virtual home a paradise.


Splatoon 2

Why it’s perfect: It’s a fast-paced action shooter where teams use ink to cover territory. The colorful graphics and non-violent premise make it kid-friendly.

Bonding Moment: Form a team and strategise together. Celebrate every victory and learn from defeats, fostering teamwork.

Switch Sports

Why it’s perfect: Getting you and the kids off the couch to compete against each other in a series of sports from fencing to bowling. Hours of fun along with quite a workout.

Bonding Moment: Enjoy laughter and maybe even some light-hearted frustration as you compete against each other and perfect your form.

Super Mario Party

Why it’s perfect: This classic board game-style title offers a multitude of mini-games. From strategy to reaction speed, there’s a game for everyone.

Bonding Moment: Compete in friendly rivalry or join forces against CPU opponents. It’s a chance to celebrate each other’s successes and cheer each other on.


The Nintendo Switch offers an array of games designed for players of all ages. For dads looking to bond with their children over video games, this list provides titles that not only entertain but also encourage teamwork, communication, and shared achievements. So, pick up your Joy-Cons, dive into these games, and create lasting memories with your little ones.