Checklist for Expecting Dads: Top 50 Essentials

Daddy-to-be? Gear up for the ride of your life! From mental prep to fun dad gear, here’s a checklist of 50 essentials every expecting dad needs.


Emotional and Mental Preparation
  • Prenatal Classes: Enrol in courses to understand the birthing process and how to support your partner.
  • Pregnancy Books for Dads: Gain insights from experts about your role throughout the pregnancy.
  • Counselling Sessions: Consider counselling to navigate any anxieties or concerns.
  • Fatherhood Forums/Groups: Connect with experienced dads for first-hand advice.
  • Birth Plan: Discuss with your partner about preferences for the delivery.


Financial Preparation
  • Budget Plan: Reevaluate your budget to incorporate baby-related expenses.
  • Health Insurance: Check your policy and understand what’s covered for maternity and paediatric care.
  • Life Insurance: Consider updating or getting a policy.
  • Will: Make or update it to include your child.
  • Savings Account: Start or contribute more to an emergency or baby fund.


At Home
  • Nursery Setup: Furnish with essentials such as a crib, changing table, and rocking chair.
  • Baby Monitor: To keep an eye or ear out when you’re not in the room.
  • Diapering Station: Stock with diapers, wipes, creams, and a trash bin.
  • Safety Measures: Baby-proof the house with outlet covers, edge bumpers, and cabinet locks.
  • Baby First-Aid Kit: Include baby-safe health essentials and medication.
  • Clothing: Purchase basic baby clothes like bodysuits, sleepers, and socks.
  • Feeding Essentials: Bottles, formula (if not breastfeeding), and breast pump for partners.
  • Baby Bedding: Waterproof mattress covers, fitted sheets, and swaddles.
  • Toys: Soft, baby-friendly toys for the crib or playtime.
  • Sound Machine: To help soothe the baby to sleep with white noise or lullabies.


On the Go
  • Car Seat: Ensure it’s newborn-appropriate and installed correctly.
  • Diaper Bag: Pack with on-the-go essentials.
  • Stroller: Suitable for newborns or an adaptable one for growing kids.
  • Portable Changing Mat: For diaper emergencies while out.
  • Baby Carrier or Sling: For hands-free mobility while keeping the baby close.


Partner Support
  • Pregnancy Pillows: Offer your partner better sleep during pregnancy.
  • Massage Oils: For gentle massages to alleviate back pain or stress.
  • Mood-boosting Activities: Plan regular date nights or calming activities.
  • Cooking and Chores: Take over or help more around the house.
  • Hospital Bag: Pack essentials for both the hospital stay and the baby’s arrival.


Self Care
  • Healthy Snacks: Keep them at hand for sudden hunger pangs or long waits.
  • Good Quality Sleep: Ensure you’re well-rested, especially as D-Day approaches.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Learn deep-breathing or meditation to manage stress.
  • Fitness: Stay active; consider workouts that can be done with your partner.
  • Support Network: Lean on family or friends for emotional and practical support.


After the Birth
  • Camera/Phone: Ready to capture the first moments.
  • Contact List: Have a list to share the good news with family and friends.
  • Thank You Cards or Gifts: For the hospital staff or anyone who helped during the birth.
  • Paternal Leave: Ensure you’ve taken the necessary leave or know your work’s paternity policy.
  • Sleeping Arrangement: Decide if you’re co-sleeping, using a bassinet, or a separate nursery.


For the Longer Run
  • Paediatrician: Research and decide on a doctor for your baby.
  • Childcare: If both parents are working, consider your childcare options in advance.
  • Baby Books/Journals: To jot down milestones and memories.
  • Education Fund: Start thinking about long-term savings for your child’s education.
  • Family Activities: Plan for bonding activities or trips for the family.


Fun Add-ons
  • Dad Gear: T-shirts or mugs boasting about the new dad status.
  • Matching Outfits: For some adorable father-baby twin days.
  • Dad Diaper Bag: A more masculine design, if you prefer.
  • Books: For reading to your baby.
  • Music Playlist: Create a calming playlist for the baby or a pumped-up one for playtime.



Becoming a father is an incredible journey. While this checklist offers practical advice, remember that every parent, child, and situation is unique. Be adaptive, be there for your partner, and embrace the beauty of parenthood.