NRL Finals Series 2023: A Chill Preview with Some Guesswork

Alright, guys, the NRL Finals Series 2023 is upon us, and boy, isn’t it exciting? Let’s break down who’s in, who’s out, and toss in some good ol’ predictions for fun.


So, What’s the Deal with the Finals?

  • Quick Rundown: 8 top teams, intense matches, four wild weeks, and all this leading to the big one – the Grand Final.
  • Who’s In: So, our top 8 teams are Penrith Panthers, Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Storms, New Zealand Warriors, Newcastle Knights, Cronulla Sharks, Sydney Roosters and Canberra Raiders. Special shoutout to Penrith Panthers and Brisbane Broncos – they’ve been lighting up the field!
  • Gossip Corner: New Zealand Warriors is back in the mix after ages, and we’re so here for the spicy Brisbane Broncos and Melbourne Storms rivalry.


Who’s Hot and Who’s… Not

  • MVPs: Dylan Edwards and Reece Walsh, you legends! They’ve been on fire.
  • Deja Vu: Penrith Panthers has that finals magic touch, right? Impressive stuff from the Penrith Panthers, securing the NRL Minor Premiership for the third time in four years! That’s some form.
  • Ouch Moments: Man, did you hear about Joey Manu? The Roosters superstar center’s been having a tough time with that hamstring of his. Word around is that the club is giving him until Friday’s captain’s run to prove he’s fit enough for the big elimination final against Cronulla on Saturday.


Previous Drama & Encounters

  • Past Encounters: Oh, have you seen the stats on past encounters between the Roosters and the Sharks? Roosters have a 51% chance of taking the win in the first week of NRL finals, based on their history. But you know how it goes with finals – it’s a whole different ball game.
  • Last Time They Met: Newcastle Knights snatched a win from Canberra Raiders. If they face off again? Grab the popcorn.


Who’s Riding High and Who’s… Trying

  • On a Roll: Newcastle Knights, nine wins on the trot. Impressive!
  • Shaky Ground: Canberra Raiders, they’ve been a bit hit or miss lately.
  • Long-Term Worries: Cronulla is probably stressed without their skipper Dale Finucane.


Let’s Play the Guessing Game

  • Predictions: I’m feeling Brisbane Broncos for the win against Melbourne Storm. Oh, and Penrith Panthers vs New Zealand Warriors? Let’s go with Penrith Panthers, but just by a whisker.
  • Just a Thought: Penrith Panthers’s forwards have been like a freight train. It’s gonna be tough stopping them.


Players to Stalk (on the field, of course!)

  • Hidden Gems: Keep an eye on Payne Haas. Trust me. And never count out the new warhorse Joseph Suaali when things heat up



Alright, rugby lovers, it’s almost game time! Whether you’re a diehard fan or just in it for the fun, the NRL Finals Series 2023 promises some epic banter and moments to remember. Let’s kick back, enjoy, and see how this all unfolds!