Kuro Japanese Fusion Restaurant Review

Located in the heart of Sydney on the quaint Kent St, Kuro Restaurant is an eating experience formulated by previously global Michelin star chef, Taka Teramoto. The restaurant offers an elegant fine dining experience but also provides day-time lunch and their exclusive Kuro’s Kitchen experience which works out nearly instantly. Check out our video for a quick run through our night.


Kuro Japanese Restaurant Review | Authentic Japanese Dining Experience in Sydney.

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The vibe at Kuro Restaurant

The restaurant boasts a captivating and harmonious blend of modern and Japanese minimalist aesthetics. Entering the restaurant your senses are immediately immersed by the muted colour palette dominated by earthy tones and juxtaposed with black sleek table setting. The space gives a sense of tranquillity and softness as the tables are well spaced and only fit up to 10 parties at a time for their 3 hour set menu experience. The central bar is the focus of the restaurant where you can see the skills work their magic as they create your dishes and you eagerly wait and anticipate them coming out.

The food experience at Kuro

The set menu provides a culinary journey as each dish exits the kitchen. We were able to experience the Chef’s Selection Menu which was a 13 course display of precision in Japanese cooking. The meal started off with a pristine presentation of rock Oysters with champagne shrub then followed closely by four more snacks to start the evening in the Hokkaido Scallop Tartare, Pumpkin foam, Salmon Rillette and the Kuro Fried Chicken. The snacks were a great way to start the evening and was an amazing way to frame the night with the entree, mains and desserts to go.

Now onto the entree, personally this was my favourite part of the evening with a fresh precisely cut salmon sashimi and delicately placed onto the plate with a mixture of fennel, cardamom and grapefruit. Followed by the well balanced Calamari with cauliflower and Hazelnut. After the first two entrees we received our added dish of prawn tacos, which was a great way to break up the entrees and a transition to what we had remaining. The close off entrees were the Wagyu Yukke Carpaccio and the Mochi Rice Risotto was served up. As someone that loves their meat the wagyu carpaccio was impeccable with a buttery richness and melt in your mouth flavours. As for the mochi rice risotto, it was definitely the first time I had such a dish and the creaminess of the risotto complimented the wagyu perfectly.

The menu provided three options for the mains, we chose the aged duck breast and Wagyu steak (with a +9 marble score). Both dishes were velvety smooth and provided a rich pump of flavour as they both melted in your mouth. As much as we loved the mains, we think the entrees became the hero of the night. After the barrage of elegance within the entree I have to say the mains didn’t quite live up to the expectations the entrees paved. 

To close the night off, dessert was served. The Chestnut Mont Blanc was a well balanced dessert of savoury and sweetness which paired perfectly with the other dessert the Caramel Poached Apple with Caramel Ice Cream and Burnt White Choc which oozed sweetness and screamed decadent.

The drinks at Kuro 

Kuro has an extensive drinks menu, but for our visit we tried the sake sampler where we tried three of their sakes. In typically Japanese restaurant fashion the sakes were smooth, sweet and paired amazingly with the food. Along with the sake, we were able to try some of their in-house cocktails where the bartender was able to show as much precision as the chefs themselves.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the night provided a great experience from the atmosphere, food and drinks. The servers were on-point and could not be faulted, they gave us privacy while remaining attentive to our needs. Would we go back? I think for the price point and the food we would probably try some other locations but would definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn’t gone before as a must try at least once. With such a great night we would one day like to try the Kuro Experience to see how it varies from the normal night and if the personalised experience elevates the food.