Hidden Treasures Down Under 10 Offbeat Places to Explore in Australia

Australia is not just about its famous landmarks; it also boasts many offbeat and hidden gems that offer unique experiences for travellers seeking something different. Here are some offbeat places to explore in Australia:


Coober Pedy, South Australia:

Known as the “Opal Capital of the World,” Coober Pedy is an underground town where residents live in dugout homes to escape the scorching desert heat. Explore opal mines, and underground churches, and enjoy stargazing in this unique desert town.

Distance from Sydney: Approximately 1,700 kilometres (1,050 miles) from Sydney. You can fly to Adelaide and then take a domestic flight to Coober Pedy.

Source: cooberperdy.com

Lake Hillier, Western Australia:

This vibrant pink lake on Middle Island in Western Australia is a natural wonder. The source of its pink colour is still a mystery, making it an intriguing and visually stunning destination.

Distance from Sydney: Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island in Western Australia, which is quite far from Sydney, over 3,500 kilometres (2,175 miles). It’s best accessed by flying to Perth and then to Esperance, followed by a boat or plane to Middle Island.

Source: westernaustralia.com

Wollemi National Park, New South Wales:

Home to the ancient Wollemi Pine, often called the “Dinosaur Tree,” this park offers pristine wilderness, deep canyons, and the chance to see a living fossil.

Distance from Sydney: Wollemi National Park is relatively close to Sydney, with some parts only around 100-200 kilometres (62-124 miles) away.

Source: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales:

A picturesque valley nestled between rainforest-clad mountains, Kangaroo Valley is perfect for nature lovers. You can go canoeing, bushwalking, or visit the quaint village with its charming cafes and shops.

Distance from Sydney: Kangaroo Valley is approximately 150 kilometres (93 miles) from Sydney, making it a manageable day trip or weekend getaway.

Source: visitnsw.com

Tarkine Rainforest, Tasmania:

Explore one of the largest cool temperate rainforests in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a remote and pristine wilderness area, perfect for hiking, wildlife spotting, and enjoying the tranquillity of nature.

Distance from Sydney: The Tarkine Rainforest is located in Tasmania, so you would need to take a flight from Sydney to Hobart or Launceston (Tasmania’s main airports) and then travel to the Tarkine region, which could be several hundred kilometres depending on your starting point.

Source: discovertasmania.com.au

Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles), Northern Territory:

These massive granite boulders in the outback have spiritual significance for the local Aboriginal people. Witness the surreal landscape and learn about the Dreamtime stories associated with these rocks.

Distance from Sydney: The Devil’s Marbles are quite far from Sydney, approximately 2,400 kilometres (1,490 miles) away. You would likely need to fly to Alice Springs and then drive to the Devil’s Marbles.

Source: nt.gov.au

Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia:

Cape Le Grand is the place to be if you want stunning beaches without the crowds. Visit Lucky Bay, known for its fine white sand and resident kangaroos lounging on the beach.

Distance from Sydney: Cape Le Grand is located about 725 kilometres (450 miles) from Perth, so it’s a considerable distance from Sydney.

Source: exploreparks.dbca.wa.gov.au

Mount Gambier, South Australia:

Explore the volcanic landscapes around Mount Gambier, including the Blue Lake, which turns a striking cobalt blue in the summer. Visit the enchanting Umpherston Sinkhole garden as well.

Distance from Sydney: Mount Gambier is approximately 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) from Sydney. You can fly to Adelaide and then take a domestic flight to Mount Gambier.

Source: mountgambier.sa.gov.au


Lord Howe Island, New South Wales:

Located in the Tasman Sea, this World Heritage-listed island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Hike through lush forests, snorkel in clear waters, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

Lord Howe Island is around 600 kilometres (370 miles) northeast of Sydney. You can take a direct flight from Sydney to the island.

Source: visitnsw.com

Magnetic Island, Queensland:

Just off the coast of Townsville, Magnetic Island offers a relaxed island vibe. Explore walking trails, visit wildlife sanctuaries, and enjoy the island’s unique natural beauty and history blend.

Magnetic Island is approximately 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) north of Sydney. You can fly to Townsville and then take a ferry to Magnetic Island.

Source: queensland.com


These offbeat destinations in Australia promise to provide you with unforgettable experiences and a deeper appreciation of the country’s diverse landscapes and culture.