Battle Bots Toy Game Review | Machines of Mayhem!

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Battle Bots Toy Game

We are reviewing a toy from a popular TV show that turned into a toy called “BattleBots.” Today, we also have a really special guest with us: my son. A quick rundown of the game, if you’re not familiar: On the popular Netflix show “BattleBots,” two teams create these Bots. The aim is to break or destroy the other one. Obviously, we’re not going to destroy our toys, so it’s a bit more civil than that.

What’s included?

We live in Australia, so we got it off a shop called Jaycar, but it’s all over the Internet. If you want one, you can more or less get it anywhere. The one that we got came with the arena, and each one comes with these little hidden things. There are also two Bots, and the Bots are controlled wirelessly through these two little controllers that you can sync to different channels.

Isaiah’s Favourite

Who do you like? Barnacles, because when the bot spins around, he can’t get hit in the body, and he can’t get enough of the piece.” Perfect! So, “Barnacles” is actually one that just came with the game and isn’t actually part of the TV show. But we like him because the design of it’s a lot better. We also have “Tombstone,” which is actually one of the ones from the TV show, which is one of the fan favourites. As you can see, he’s probably one of the strong ones as well. Here’s my personal favourite: the aim of the game for this one. Obviously, we can’t destroy each other. As we hit each other, the aim is to keep hitting, and pieces actually come off. Each one has three pieces. So once all three pieces are done, that officially classifies you as destroyed.

Our Thoughts

In my opinion, I really like the game. It’s quick and easy to set up. We leave it here on the games table, and we can get around and start playing just before dinner or whatnot. I guess on the negative side, since all of them run on different channels, sometimes you lose connection. It is a fairly cheap game, so one, it’s affordable, but two, the bad thing is they actually do interfere with channels. But overall, we don’t get that problem too often, so we’re not complaining.

So, it looks like the last thing we have to do now is actually play a game. thank you! I hope you liked the review. I hope the review helped. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. Cheers! Bye.