A Dad’s Play-by-Play on the NRL 2023 Grand Finals: Cheers, Tears, and Remote-Control Wars

Hello, fellow footy enthusiasts and couch critics! It’s that time of the year again when we try to hold onto our TV remotes and stop our kids from changing to their favourite cartoon shows right when the NRL Grand Finals are on. Now, as a dedicated Dad from Sydney who’s tried (and failed) to explain the concept of offside to a 5-year-old, here’s my take on the upcoming grand showdown.

Father-Son Duos in the NRL Grand Finals

Ever noticed how the NRL Grand Finals aren’t just about footy? They’re also about family tales, like that of Nathan Cleary and his old man, Ivan, over at the Panthers. The Cleary combo brings a kind of telepathy to the field. It’s like they’ve got this father-son secret code or something. But man, the pressure! Nathan not only has to deliver for the team but also live up to the Cleary name.
Then there’s Billy Walters, with the legendary Kevin Walters having his back. Imagine playing under your dad’s watchful eye, and in the Broncos’ colours to boot! You’d think it’s all about footy talks during family dinners, right? But Billy’s been carving out his own path, even if Kev’s massive legacy looms in the background. Honestly, it’s not all smooth sailing for these duos. Sure, they’ve got that unique bond, but with it comes the weight of expectation, media’s eagle eyes, and the challenge to keep things fresh. Yet, seeing these father-son teams navigate it all? That’s a special NRL subplot worth the price of admission.

Team Chances

Let’s talk about our contenders, shall we? Penrith Panthers and Brisbane Broncos. Both have had a spectacular season with their ups and downs, twists and turns, and yes, occasional toddler-like tantrums.

Penrith Panthers
– Strength: Having a core group of players that have played together for several years, many from their junior days, has given the Panthers an intuitive understanding of each other’s gameplay.
– Weakness: Emotions run high during finals. The ability to maintain composure, avoid unnecessary penalties, and not get involved in off-the-ball incidents is crucial.

Brisbane Broncos
– Strength: Brisbane traditionally has been a team capable of scoring tries from structured play and individual brilliance alike.
– Weakness: Pressure Management in a Grand Finals, especially against teams with strong defence, the Broncos sometimes failed to maintain composure and made errors at critical junctures.

Players to Make a Difference

Every team has its stars. The ones you can count on when things get tough, just like how we dads can be counted on to forget where we left our glasses (usually on our heads).

1. Nathan Cleary from Penrith Panthers: If there’s one player who can read the game as well as I can read a bedtime story for the 100th time, it’s Nathan Cleary. His playmaking skills remind me of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books – always unpredictable!

2. Reece Walsh from Brisbane Broncos: This champ has the agility of a cat and the strength of an ox. Don’t believe me? I once saw him dodge an entire opposing team, score a try, and still manage to catch a tossed meat pie from the crowd. Legend!

The Big Tip

Now, for the million-dollar question. Who will win? If I had a crystal ball (or a reliable internet connection, for that matter), I’d tell ya. But my gut (and it’s a rather large gut) tells me that Penrith Panthers might just have the edge. Although, we’ve seen crazier things happen – like when I found the TV remote in the fridge.

In Conclusion

Whoever takes home the trophy, one thing is sure. The NRL 2023 Grand Finals are set to be an epic clash, and I’m all geared up with my oversized jersey, a six-pack of cold ones (apple juice for the kiddo), and my trusty remote. May the best team win, and may my kid finally understand the concept of an offside!